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Cat Cafe Studio

Zcyphher’s proud venture, India’s first cat cafe located in Versova,
Mumbai, was founded in 2010. One can lounge in the company of
cats, while one can sip on freshly brewed coffee or devour a slice of
cake that’s come straight from the oven.
All the cats at Cat Café Studio are res and are healthy, dewormed,
vaccinated, and up for adoption!

The Feline Foundation​

At Zcyphher, through Cat Café Studio we realized the urgent need
to improve the conditions of cats that live on the streets of Mumbai.
And therefore set up The Feline Foundation, an animal welfare
NGO in Versova, Mumbai. 

They sterilize and vaccinate stray cats,
give them medical treatment if required, and releases them back to
their original location once they are healthy.  Besides rescuing cats, they also work on community outreach so
that more people in the city and country know about the needs of
strays, and help them lead better lives.

Meet Our Team

We are here to introduce, communicate and contribute to brand creation, brand building and mostimportantly brand recall with the target
audience. Through exhaustive research on identified markets, we create a pathway for your brand positioning in the minds of your audience.
Our job profile is to narrate your brand story through contentthatis driven with logic and substance.
Our pride lies in our artists and their abilities to create.



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