Cavity in the System

Feature Documentary

Duration: 115 mins

Why do dentists have the highest suicide rate among health care professionals in India?
In 32 White, we travel to Davanagere, a small town in Karnataka, India, known for one of the best dental colleges in India and investigate the cavities in the system.

The film traces the lives of over 15 dental students, in their last year at the institute and skirts the perimeter of their changed lives by visiting the unseen and unknown segments of pressure, stress and unethical practices they indulge in, just to become dentists.
32 White is segmented into chapters which we call cavities, each dwelling over issues like caste, creed, ragging, family pressure, professor harassment, peer pressure, dental syllabus and many more leading into the last chapter: Dental Suicides.

Shot in 2010, and investigations running until 2018, 32 White sheds light over some of the most daunting aspects of India’s professional health care institutes in the nation and how the system is screaming for a change, but none are willing to take the plunge. Dominated by principals and professors of these esteemed institutes, holding the key to a students final degree release, hence giving them the power to get away with unprofessional and corrupt practices.

Cavity in the System?

32 White puts the Indian dental college system under the spot light, revealing it’s hardships, it’s deceiving portrayal of achievements and the trauma faced by the students. The film calls attention to the inconsistencies in the system and the true cost that is paid for becoming a health care professional in India.
Scrambling through countless chapters, with countless dentists of 32 White, only one girl truly wanted to be a Dentist.
So why were the others even there?
While some got into this profession because they didn’t clear the medical exams, the others due to family pressure, few as an escape from engineering and most because of the title of a ‘Doctor’, respectably accepted in the society for future prestige and better marriage proposals.
But reality strikes when these students enter the system and have no way out. More out of embarrassment for the family of these students in the community. While many survived, some broke, few just left. Left the entire maze for good. But who is to be blamed for this?
The parents, the society, the community, the administration, the education or the entire system as a whole? What truly contributes to the cavity in the system?


A Film by Zcyphher
Writer and Director: Mriidu Khosla
Producer: Jason Moss and Charu Khosla
Associate Producer: Danish Hurzook
Assistant Director: Sheikh M. Ahthesham
Cinematographers: Sapan Narula and Rishub Puri
Editor: Ajit K Nair
Creative Producer: Akshat Malik
Music Producer: Nikant Sharma
Associate Creative Producer: Deep Ramkumar
Sound Design: Darshit Modi
Colorist: Manoj Singh
Online Editors: Shweta Lahagne, Gangesh Chauhan, Stalin Raju
Assistant music producer: Advit Sawant
Assistant sound design: Yash Hirave
Mixing Engineer: Deepraj Raorane
Additional Editors: Amandeep Singh, Jason Moss, Saqib Bhombal
Designer: Dixit Moolya
Trailer Designer: Krisselle Tauro
Marketing Executives: Tushar Nair, Shripad Bhandekar, Aniket Prajapati, Nyma Singh Merchant

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