Feeders is a feature documentary by Zcyphher about the lives, the labours, and the hardships faced by feeders – women who have taken it upon themselves of tirelessly feeding thousands of stray animals around the country.

FEEDERS, the documentary

Every night, millions of stray dogs and cats in India sleep hungry. Only a fraction of them get fed. Fed by Feeders. Feeders is a documentary which aims to tell the story that revolves around the lives of the heroic female justice warriors in India; women who fight the good fight against animal injustice and hunger. We bring to light the ordinary, everyday women, who are leaders of tiny revolutions in their own worlds, and who are committed to protecting the animals around them, for life. They walk a path of change, which is a lonely one, riddled with the hardships they face from society, and from their own minds; but these warriors are brazen, sometimes beaten in spirit, but determined.