Short Film (Silent film)

Duration: 12mins 30 seconds

In 2015, Bakri Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi, vital festivals of the Muslim and Hindu communities in India respectively, collided on the same day; a rare occurrence. On the eve of this special day, a young boy paces after school to visit his new best friend, Keme, the goat.

The goat from a slaughter house called ‘Good Luck Fresh Mutton Shop’. Timid and unaware that the goat, tied to a White Rope, is to be slaughtered the next day in the name of God, the boy feeds his best friend some delicious lettuce and wild leaves.

White Rope is a rescue story of Keme by an innocent boy who is yet to understand the concept of religion, God, and sacrifices in a country like India, where communities are closely bound to their cultural roots, unknowing of the deteriorating impact it has on nature.

Through the eyes of a young selfless being caught in this world, we witness the atrocities done by people in the name of God, destroying more than what can be justifiably argued for or mended anytime soon.


As it stands, a majority of India is driven and governed by religion and. We fear the unseen, the big idols, the countless temples and mosques, but we refuse to acknowledge what lies right in front of us.
The exponentially deteriorating condition of animals in this country screams for help, but no one is listening.
The destroyed land, air, and water of this country is begging for mercy, but no one is watching.
And the festivals are endless, the prayers are loud and overflowing, and the monuments and idols are ever present on every block.
But the haunting issue persists: The God is not listening.
So when will this music end?
When will the oceans be blue again?
When will the noise be shattered?And when will they see the real God?


Writer and Director: Mriidu Khosla
Cinematographer: Jason Moss
Producer: Charu Khosla
Production Head: Danish Hurzook
Editor: Ajit K Nair
Executive Producer: Rehman S. Charania
Music Composer: Mehar Chumble
Marketing Executive: Shripad Bandekar
Designer: Dixit Moolya

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